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Kennedy,Aisha,George and Daniel are some of the Beneficiaries Beneficiaries:-Lenah, Steven & Grace KSAA Board member, Raymond visits Kessimo women's Group Nyanza KSAA 2009 BBQ Guests kuria njoro boys with mrs Mwangi sec of Abigail group Rift valley KSAA board member Patricia visits Muranga Women Group KSAA 2009 BBQ:-Harambee Stars Diaspora Scholarship recepients:-Lenah, Steven, Grace KSAA 2009 BBQ:-Board Members KSAA 2009 BBQ Guests
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  • KSAA BBQ on June 13th 2015 Event: Fundraising BBQ
    Date: 06/13/2015
    Time: 4pm - 10pm
    Ticket Price: $20
    200 Brookview Parkway
    Golden Valley, MN 55427
    Updated June 2015

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Brief History

Kenya Society for Academic Advancement (KSAA) was founded by a group of concerned Kenyans residing in Minneapolis, Minnesota to provide educational assistance to needy and underprivileged Kenyan children.

With the high prevalence of HIV/AIDS and extreme cases of poverty in Kenya, a large number of Kenyan children are orphaned and in most cases the children with either one or both parents lack the financial support for schooling. As a result of this, a majority of these children have been left to fend for themselves and lack adequate familial support systems and have had to turn to well-wishers and charitable organizations for assistance. Without such support, these children often grow up to be destitute and illiterate.

Currently, the Kenyan government offers free primary education and most of these children are able, albeit with much difficulty, to acquire basic education. However, secondary education is beyond the reach for many of these children, yet this is the level of education that has the most impact on the future of these children.

The founders of KSAA realized that ensuring the education of these underprivileged children through high school would vastly improve their chances of success in life. The success of such an individual would greatly help in advancing not only personal growth, but the growth and development of the country and Africa at large.

Society Goals To provide needy Kenyan children with educational opportunities. Mission Statement To provide educational opportunities to underprivileged Kenyan children

Some of our past beneficiaries

  Daniel- Form 4 Muranga High School   Kennedy- Form 4 Muranga High School   Aisha -Form 3 Kahuhia Girls High
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