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Kennedy,Aisha,George and Daniel are some of the Beneficiaries Beneficiaries:-Lenah, Steven & Grace KSAA Board member, Raymond visits Kessimo women's Group Nyanza KSAA 2009 BBQ Guests kuria njoro boys with mrs Mwangi sec of Abigail group Rift valley KSAA board member Patricia visits Muranga Women Group KSAA 2009 BBQ:-Harambee Stars Diaspora Scholarship recepients:-Lenah, Steven, Grace KSAA 2009 BBQ:-Board Members KSAA 2009 BBQ Guests

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After the inception of K.S.A.A, a major task that had to be accomplished was to identify needy children in Kenya and directly provide assistance to them in an efficacious manner. Given that K.S.A.A is based in the U.S and the targeted audience in Kenya, we had to find local contacts and most especially in the local communities that we could partner with.

We established local women groups to be the best candidates for such a partnership. These women groups have extensive reach in the local communities and have an established track record of providing assistance to such communities.

The Women groups and K.S.A.A sign a memorandum of understanding that mandates them to be our representatives on the ground and to provide us with possible candidates for sponsorship; on its part K.S.A.A board makes the final determination as to who would get the sponsorship.

Wandegwa womens group: Central Province

Wandegwa womens group consists of approximately 200 women. The group was formed to help educate and support families in times of need. Some of their education initiatives include firewood energy conservation, health & wellness and christian education. Some of their support initiatives includes financial assistance for sick members and their families.

Kessimo womens group: Nyanza

Kessimo Women group is based in Kisii, Kenya. Kessimo is anchored on core principles of providing for the less fortunate in society. With the shear prevalence of poverty, where more than 50% of the Kenyan population lives on less than a dollar a day, and about 7% of the total population infected with the HIV virus, there is an enormous need to provide for the less fortunate with the basic necessities of life such as good health and education.

In its endeavors, the Kessimo group is on the forefront of accomplishing this herculean task, by providing good education and health to the underprivileged in our society. This is especially true for children since they bear the most brunt of life's shortcomings. This group believes with an emphasis in education one can succeed. With and old African spirit, they belief that the success of one leads to success of the whole community, and the entire wider world community.

Abigail womens group: Rift Valley

Abigail Women's Group is composed of several women who have come together to pool their resources in order to achieve economic sustainability. All the members of this group reside in Nakuru District, Rift Valley Province. The members are from a variety of educational and economic backgrounds which helps them in the running of their organization. This group is dedicated to economic and community activities which are beneficial to all its members.

As part of their community outreach, Abigail provides needy families with food and clothing and assists in educating children. Despite the meager resources available to this group the women have managed over the years to better themselves and their families.

They have undertaken a number of development projects that have alleviated some of the socio-economic challenges they face. Currently, Abigail Women's Group is working with KSAA to provide further assistance to some of the children under their sponsorship.

Nairobi Guardians for US Academic Advancement Fund: Nairobi

For many years members of NGUSAAF individually assisted the needy in their community. In 2006 the members heard about a young mentally handicapped girl who was sick at home in Ngong town whose single mother could not afford to take to hospital.

They raised funds among themselves and got her the specialized treatment that she required. From this experience the members decided to be more involved with needy single mothers and widows in their community.

In 2008 KSAA approached the women's group to be their partners in Nairobi province. Through their efforts they ensured that the first recipient went to a boarding school away from the pressing hardship at home.

NGUSAAF is committed to providing education opportunity to the many needy students especially from single parent homes to try break the vicious cycle of poverty.

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